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Pipe processing

JUD GmbH & Co. KG has been a pioneer in tube processing for many generations, whether in tube cutting, tube bending or tube end processing.

Our tube and profile laser cutting machines offer the possibility of processing round and square tubes, as well as any other profile shapes. This enables us to cut out any contours of the tube, so that the individual parts for tube frame constructions can be produced cost-effectively, with high fitting accuracy.

With blanks cut on our tube laser cutting machines, we simplify welding jigs and minimise the effort required for welding, regardless of the batch size of your products. Pipe laser technology is used to produce positioning aids, such as spigots and apertures, which simplifies the assembly of pipe constructions and eliminates errors. For our customers, we offer the same range of optimisations from batch size 1 to series batch size.

Latest technologies for best results

A wide range of different tube bending machines with a variety of tool geometries offers the possibility of forming a wide variety of materials, such as steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, aluminium and other alloys. Production takes place on CNC mandrel and free-form bending machines and three-roll bending machines.

The diameter range for round and square tubes, as well as for profiles, extends from 4 mm to 170 mm

Bending is carried out in right-hand and left-hand bending with manual or automatic loading. Tube end machining can be done by forming, stamping and rolling beads.

New materials and constantly expanding areas of application as well as processes in tube processing present us with demanding challenges that require us to come up with innovative and creative solutions. Close coordination in the production of new bending tools with our toolmaking department is an essential basis for success.

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